Doughnut Series #3

4:04:00 AM

The "French Toast"

Doughboys Doughnuts
525 Bourke St, Melbourne.

The "French Toast" - maple double glaze with french toast crumble and cinnamon snow $5

Prior to creating this doughnut series, I have actually visited Doughboys Doughnuts a few times, each time coming out with a different doughnut in hand. This is by far my favourite place to go for doughnuts in Melbourne. 
The best part about this place is its consistency in quality. Every doughnut that I tried from Doughboys Doughnuts have a light and fluffy texture, and the rotation of flavours keeps me coming back for more.  
With its clean and modern interior, coupled with natural lighting, I opted for the eat-in option. It also gave me the opportunity to snap a couple more shots of the interior to share with you guys. 
To any doughnut lovers (and/or sweet tooths) currently in Melbourne, I would definitely recommend giving Doughboys Doughnuts a try!

Shot on Iphone 6s Plus

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